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Janzen OccupationalTherapy Inc. 


"I attended Irma's workshop at the WWC conference and really enjoyed hearing her speak about ergonomics. It was a really informative, interactive, and fun talk. I could've listened for another hour.  I bought her book (DIY Ergonomics: live pain -free and save money) that day, and I didn't get very far in when I realized there's a lot of people I know that NEED to read it too. Once I got home from the conference and looked at my desk and chair and computer etc, I could see it was set up all wrong lol, no wonder my hands and back ache. Thank you so much for your valuable information. "

Wanda Landis, writer
Sundre, Ab


"Irma’s presentation was very intriguing. She was a very good speaker, who kept me engaged the whole time. The part of the presentation that stuck out the most to me was when she talked about a proper chair and how to sit in it. Once I sat the correct way after she had us stand up, I did not feel the need to move the rest of the presentation because nothing was in pain and I felt very comfortable."

Student, Westminster College
Fulton, Missouri


"Irma has put her years of experience and knowledge into a practical guide, DIY Ergonomics, that can help people of all ages adjust their workspace and behaviors to be more healthy and productive.   Our campus had the pleasure of hosting Irma; her presentation was great – informative, insightful, and interactive.  My students returned to class after her presentation and immediately identified postures and work environment changes they needed to make for themselves, friends, and family.  I highly recommend her book – for anyone and everyone." 

Dr. Therese Miller
Professor, Health and Exercise Science Department
Westminster College

"The [3 hour] education session was and is needed for any physically demanding job or career.  The Kitchen Team discussed everything from proper posture when doing tasks (who knew LOL) to techniques that are successful in accomplishing tasks without injury or pain.  I myself learned a great deal about ergonomics , because before I simply thought it was about proper stretching before a shift. It is a much more detailed subject which was explained by Irma.  The Kitchen Team learned a great deal at this session, in fact the topic is regularly discussed and practiced among us."

Dean Arnold
Red Seal Chef, Clear View Lodge
Taber, Alberta