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Reviews for DIY Ergonomics: Live Pain-Free and Save Money

“Irma is one of the most practical, fun and optimistic people I have worked with. Her academic knowledge and extensive experience as an Occupational Therapist make her the ideal author for a book on office ergonomics. DIY Ergonomics: Live Pain-Free and Save Money is an excellent resource and reads like you are having a friendly conversation with a wise and trusted advisor over tea.  With Irma’s sound advice, easy to understand recommendations and affordable solutions there are no excuses to not have good office ergonomics or to live and work in pain!”

Louise Taylor, Physiotherapist
Calgary, Alberta

"I've had the great luck of working with Irma in real life, so I know she's a pro at ergonomics. This book is a pure joy, a reminder of how to keep my body safe, and you can't go wrong with adorable stick figures. DIY Ergonomics is the most cost-effective investment you can make in your health."

Victoria Smith, Writer and Blogger
Calgary, Alberta


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DIY Ergonomics: Live Pain-Free and Save Money

​by Irma Janzen

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