What are your goals?


  • Do you work for a corporation that wants to improve the ergonomic safety of workers? 
  • Does your company want assistance with the return to work of valued employees? 
  • Do you want to clearly identify the physical and mental requirements of a job and ensure that workers are capable of safely completing job tasks?  

At home:

  • Maybe you'd like to feel less discomfort when working on the computer at home?  
  • Are you concerned about the long term consequences of your child’s poor posture when on the phone or laptop? Are you worried about the safety of an aging parent living alone? 

JOT Inc. can help make you and your family feel safe and healthy by focusing on your goals, assessing your needs and providing practical solutions.  

We are pleased to offer the following services:

Want to know more about occupational therapy? Check out our FAQ page for general information.

Did you know? Occupational therapy is covered under many employer health plans. Learn more here.

Looking for a service we haven't listed?  Contact us and  we can determine if we can help or refer you to other practitioners who can.


All services provided by Janzen Occupational Therapy Inc. are completed with the needs of the individual and corporation in mind. We will work within your standards and budget to provide assessments, reports and recommendations that meet your needs and goals.

            JOT Inc.

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