Ergonomic Presentations and Workshops

Janzen Occupational Therapy Inc. can customize ergonomic presentations to suit the specific needs of your business or group.  Subject matter is presented in an interesting and interactive method with illustrations provided from Ms. Janzen’s book, DIY Ergonomics: Live Pain-Free and Save Money.

Along with her status as a registered health care professional, Ms. Janzen has a Health, Safety and Environment Certificate from the University of Calgary and is familiar with the latest CSA Standard on Office Ergonomics.

            JOT Inc.

Janzen OccupationalTherapy Inc. 

Janzen Occupational Therapy Inc. provides office ergonomic presentations and workshops that include:

  • Understanding how the body is designed to work
  • Neutral versus awkward postures
  • Additional risks for repetitive stress injury
  • How to set up a chair
  • Equipment and behavioral recommendations
  • Q & A period

60 Minute Presentation

  • May not include all of the above subject matter in detail due to time constraints

90 Minute Presentation

  • Covers all subject matter

​Office Ergonomic Package

  • Combine a 60 minute presentation with ergonomic workstation assessments (minimum of 3 hours of evaluations)*
  • Includes a written summary of equipment recommendations

Three-hour Ergonomic Best-Practice Facilitation Workshop 

This session is designed for non-computer workers and includes:

  • 60 to 90 minute ergonomic presentation focused on neutral and awkward postures and body mechanics principles
  • 90 to 120 minute facilitation of group discussion focused on:
    • Common locations of work-related discomfort
    • Work Tasks that may be contributing to discomfort
    • Methods of completing work tasks
    • Determination of best practice
  • Follow-up within three months is recommended to improve accountability and enforce application of best practice (fee to be negotiated)
  • Includes written summary of Group Facilitation outcomes

*Prices do not include travel time and mileage if traveling outside of Calgary city limits.  Discount prices are available for Non-Profit Organizations and Community Groups.  Please email for more information.