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Did you know?

A Job Task Analysis is similar to a physical demands analysis but focuses on comparing the demands of the job tasks to the abilities of a specific person. The analysis process involves:

  • Analysing components of job tasks for cognitive, physical and/or mental demands.
  • Reviewing variables such as the work environment (social and physical) as well as equipment used 
  • Making recommendations based on gaps identified when comparing the demands of the job tasks and an individual’s abilities
  • In addition, ergonomic recommendations may be made in order to increase the safety and efficiency of the individual

Job Task Analysis is a very useful tool when determining an individual's ability to return to work. The analysis of job tasks and an individual's skills can be used to identify alternative jobs for workers unable to return to their pre-injury job. Return to Work plans and graduated Return to Work Schedules can be provided. 

Job Task/Return to Work Analysis

Therapists at Janzen Occupational Therapy Services are qualified to work with clients who have experienced physical as well as cognitive injury, included acquired brain injury.