Irma Janzen founded Janzen Occupational Therapy Inc. in 2003. She takes pride in providing service with integrity and providing the best possible outcome for her clients.

​Irma became an occupational therapist (O.T.) in 1995 and has worked in a number of settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, non-profit organizations and in the community as a private practitioner.  Irma values the variety that having a private practice allows.  The opportunity to meet new people, work in different environments, promote health and safety – not to mention the challenge of identifying solutions to achieve corporate and individual goals - is extremely rewarding.

When she’s not trying to “save the world” with occupational therapy, Irma enjoys an active lifestyle and also has a creative side.  She enjoys singing, drama and writing, and is even learning to draw.  Irma lives in Calgary with her wonderful husband, and her demanding cat.  She loves spending time with them and the rest of her extended family and friends.

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